About me

I am a London based photographer with 20 years experience in the wedding photography industry. I have had the privilege of being a part of many couples' special day. Whether the events are in London, Abu Dhabi or Switzerland I capture every wedding with the same passion, rigour and professionalism.

The key to my success has been the connection with my clients and their families. Great photography stems from placing importance on ensuring my couples are comfortable and trust me to capture the most intimate moments of their wedding.

Naturally, building a strong rapport is fundamental to the success of any photo shoot and event and I believe this is evident with every couple that I’ve worked with, which my testimonials highlight. (click here for testimonials)

A wedding is a once in a lifetime, unforgettable day. Finding the right photographer to capture this day for you to look back on for years to come is a key decision in your wedding planning. Take your time to find the one that you and your partner connect with, it’s a decision you will be grateful for in years to come.

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